Today I’m sharing snack recipes from some of my favorite food blogs.  I love cooking but I’m no pro, so I thought I’d direct you towards some more talented chefs!

Cashew Queso from The Post Punk Kitchen
This vegan faux cheese spread makes for a wholesome alternative to nacho cheese.

Cauliflower Green Pea Spread from Golubka
This recipe calls for a dehydrator, I’ve made it just by blending the raw ingredients and it tasted great to me!

Kickin’ Chickpeas from My New Roots
If you liked the Healthy Snack Sunday Spicy Popcorn, here’s another spicy crunchy treat!

Pizza Hummus from Chocolate Covered Katie
This hummus is flavored with tomato and basil for a pizza-reminiscent twist.

Pumpkin Protein Bars from Little B’s Healthy Habits
These baked bars are gluten free and high in protein.  Double the recipe and freeze some for later in the week!

You may have noticed that Daily Dose Wellness has not been entirely daily these days.  While I wish I had so much more time to devote to writing daily posts, my days of late are full with clinical rotations for my dietetic internship.  I’m working my way towards becoming a Registered Dietitian (a higher credential than a Certified Nutritionist), which means I’m spending my time working in all the various places an RD can work such as hospitals, clinics, public school admin offices, and more.  I look forward to coming back to daily posts soon, but for the moment we’ll be down to a manageable 2-3 posts per week- which is probably more realistic for reading anyways!

11/4/2012 23:07:30

2 times a week is more than good...you have a lot to say but no one is able to keep up with daily. Better for you and your readers to put a lot of energy into the RD!

7/13/2013 10:47:10

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