What is lymph?  While it kind of sounds like a magical creature that lives in the forest with fairies and elves, it’s actually a vital part of our immune system.

Lymph is a fluid that flows through our whole body in its own special vessels.  This fluid is like a cleaning agent for our insides, it picks up germs and other nasties from our blood and carries them off.  Then it drags the germs through little jellybean-shaped lymph nodes, which house immune cells that can knock those nasty germs out.

It’s important to keep our lymph flowing freely so that our immune system can do its job to fight disease.  Sometimes our lymph becomes stagnant, which can slow down our germ-fighting power.  Here are some ideas to keep your lymph moving:

Exercise:  Lymphatic fluid can’t really travel through the body without pressure from our muscles.  Moving and working your muscles with exercise is the best way to get your lymph flowing smoothly.

Massage:  Instead of moving your own muscles, you could have someone else do it for you!  This has the same effect on your lymph as exercise; it helps move the lymph by putting pressure on your muscles.

Water:  Staying hydrated is also important for maintaining lymphatic flow.  Dehydration can decrease the volume of your lymphatic fluid, meaning less flow will be directed through the nodes, which means less germs knocked out of your system.  Sip water regularly, and try to get around 2 liters each day.
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Thank you for this guide due our Lymphs! I fully agree with your statement that this cleaning agent must be cared a lot as it helps greatly our immune system to do its job to fight disease.Guess all people should know it and make necessary approaches for their day-to-day life!


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