Many adults are afflicted by high cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease or stroke.  Over 14% of adults greater than age 20 in the US have high total cholesterol.  Research has shown that a regular exercise routine can help maintain a healthy cholesterol balance.  Here are some guidelines for crafting an exercise routine that will keep your heart healthy:

Get in that aerobic exercise.  A 2011 study found that moderate-intensity aerobic activity three times weekly improved the cholesterol of overweight participants after just a few weeks.  Moderate aerobic activity means something that gets your heart beating faster, increases your breathing rate, and makes you feel warm.

Add in some resistance training.  Another 2011 study found that resistance training three times weekly for 40 minutes also improved cholesterol significantly.  Resistance training could mean weight training, a resistance band workout, or swimming.

This research indicates that engaging in an exercise routine that includes both aerobic activity and resistance training most days of the week could help keep high cholesterol at bay.

Cholesterol is processed and packaged in the liver, so treat this vital organ of metabolism well.  You can read more on eating for liver health in this older post here.

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8/17/2013 01:22:44 pm

Not sure how helpful this would or wouldn't be for people living with high cholesterol, but I have heard that walking can be a great form of exercise for diabetics. In general, I consider this a great starting point for people who may not be that physically active on a regular basis.

9/6/2013 07:28:55 am

That is a very good point Stephen. Actually, new research has shown that this can be quite effective for women over the age of 60. In other words, they can get significant benefit from working out one day a week.


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