Your body burns calories all day (and all night) long, whether you’re sitting still or not.  Your metabolism is a sum of many different internal and external activities.  Whether you’re interested in losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, supporting your metabolism can help you feel more energetic and digest your food harmoniously.  Here are some tips for increasing your metabolism naturally:

Find ways to move more throughout your day.  In addition to planned exercise time, brainstorm some ways you could get moving throughout your day.  Here are some ideas to get your noggin churning:

  • Walk instead of driving whenever possible.
  • If driving is the only option, park further away and walk.
  • Schedule a walking meeting instead of a sit down meeting with your colleagues.
  • Stand at your desk for any tasks that you can (reading papers, talking on the phone, etc).
  • Take the stairs.

Add resistance training to your exercise routine.  Resistance or weight training builds lean muscle mass.  Your resting metabolism increases as you build muscle, so you will utilize more calories when sitting still.

Get plenty of rest.  Persistent mental stress can confuse your metabolism.  Make sure you get both sleep and relaxation when you need it.

Make your carbohydrates complex.  Eating a large amount of sugary or white processed grains does your metabolism harm.  A diet with carbohydrates from lots of vegetables and a moderate amount of whole grains will support your system.  Be sure to balance your plate with lean protein and healthy fats.  For more on a balanced diet, see this post on healthy snacking.

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