It can be challenging at times to eat healthfully on a tight budget.  Fresh whole foods often do cost more than processed packaged food products.

As an example fresh organic raspberries cost $11.82 per pound right now through Amazon Fresh.
Haribo® Raspberry Candy costs $3.84 per pound on Amazon Grocery.
In order to eat well and budget thoughtfully you’ve got to shop smart.  One easy way to save money is to purchase beans, grains, spices, oils, tea, coffee, and other staples through the bulk department.  A well-stocked bulk section has everything from peanut butter to pasta to cinnamon.  The price is often far lower, and there’s no wasteful packaging that you have to throw away later.

It’s important to realize that the bulk bins will not always be less expensive than the packaged version.  In order to determine the better value, check out the unit price.  This is the small price at the bottom of the tag on the shelf.  It will tell you the price per weight.

You can see in the picture below that the price for this box of cereal is $3.95, and the price per ounce is $0.26.  Now you may go over to the bulk bins and find that a similar cereal costs $0.20 per ounce, in which case that would be the better buy.
When creating your monthly food budget, keep in mind that an investment in fresh whole foods is an investment in your self.  A dollar invested in broccoli now saves many dollars in medical bills down the road!

To create even less waste while shopping bulk, you can re-use your bags.  There are drying racks where you can hang your plastic bags after you rinse them out like this one (although in my house we just use a clothesline).  There are also washable reusable bags sold like this set.

If you want a super cool reusable grocery tote that shows your love for bulk bins, you can buy one in my shop.

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