Today’s post is a simple reminder to listen to your body.  We’ve all got so many distractions in front of us (Gasp- I see one in front of you right now!), it can be easy to ignore what subtle messages your body and brain are sending to you.  Here are some guidelines for reconnecting with the one possession you’ll take with you throughout your whole life:

Take care of yourself above all else.  All of us care for others in our lives.  However it’s impossible to be fully available to someone else if you’re not taking care of yourself.  In Ganga White’s book Yoga Beyond Belief he makes a good argument for self care:

How would you act if you received a wonderful new car when you were sixteen years of age but were told this was to be your only vehicle for your entire lifetime?  How would you care for it?

Don’t ignore those “postcards from your body.”  Pain, aching, fatigue, sleep trouble, skin conditions, digestive issues- all of these are ways your body speaks to you.  Pushing these issues to the side will only make them more persistent.  Work with a healthcare practitioner to uncover the root of your issues.

Remember that you are what you eat.  This old adage really is true!  What you eat never truly leaves you; a large part of it is broken down and absorbed right into you.  Keep this idea in mind when choosing, preparing, and eating your food.  Choose thoughtfully, prepare with love, and eat with awareness.

Meditate.  It can be easy to live life focused on what’s in front of you, remember to take time out to look at where you are.  Meditation does not have to involve sitting silently on a silk cushion in a dark room!  Take a few deep breaths, draw some awareness to how you feel physically, how you feel mentally, and what your surroundings are.  Quieting your brain for a few minutes each day can help sharpen your focus on what’s really important in your life.

To learn more about eating mindfully, check out this post from last month.

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