Keeping a diet diary is a great way to begin mindfully looking at your food intake.  I’ve found that most people modify their diet simply through the act of writing down everything they eat.  When you have to record everything that went on your plate, suddenly that second serving doesn’t feel so necessary!  Here are some different tools you can use to keep a diet diary:

Good ol’ pen and paper.  Try writing down everything you eat either in a journal, or use this template from Your Personal Nutrition Guide here.  After each meal jot down the following information:
  • Foods eaten
  • Approximate quantities
  • Your mood
  • Satiety level: from 0 (starving) to 10 (bursting belly)

Put your camera phone to good use.  If you don’t have time to write it down, just snap a picture of all your meals and snacks.  Scroll through your pictures at the end of each day and contemplate your choices.

Use some newer fangled technology.  There are a whole host of apps available for your smartphone or tablet that can help you keep track of your diet.  Some of them give you neat reports on your total caloric intake, nutrient balance, and other statistics.  There are a lot of these so I am far from familiar with all of them!  Here are some that I have checked out and enjoy:

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