Turns out your mom was right about one thing; breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  Today we’ll discuss why that is, and then describe exactly what a healthy breakfast looks like.

Eating breakfast can help you manage your weight.  Several studies show that people who eat breakfast eat less calories overall throughout the day.  Your body wants a nice energy store in the morning so you can burn those calories when you need them.  If your largest meal is closer to bedtime, you will end up storing calories instead of using them.

Breakfast is brain food.  Research shows that people who skip breakfast perform lower on cognitive tests.  Our brains need a lot of energy to work; they hog many of the calories we eat in a day.  Eat breakfast, and give your brain what it needs to do its job!

What does a good breakfast look like?  A solid breakfast consists of whole foods that provide a large amount of protein, a solid dose of healthy fat, and some complex carbohydrates.  This could be some eggs (high protein) scrambled in olive oil (healthy fat) with some fresh vegetables (complex carbohydrates).  A bowl of sugary breakfast cereal is not going to cut it!

As we discussed in the post on satisfying snacking, eating regularly throughout the day is essential for a healthy metabolism.  Many nutritionists use the analogy that our metabolism is like a slow burning fire; you have to add fuel incrementally in order to keep it going.  I would add that you have to stoke that fire with exercise too!  Start your fire off right by giving it the fuel it needs when you wake up in the morning.

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