It’s hard to argue with the fact that adding more vegetables to your diet is healthy.  If you want to fight me on that send me an email and we’ll talk.  Vegetables have a number of things going for them that make them so lovable:
  • Low in calories: One cup of broccoli has 20 calories, one cup of cheddar cheese has 532 calories.  Replacing high-calorie foods with vegetables could result in weight loss.
  • High in fiber: Adequate fiber intake can help regulate cholesterol and helps you feel full after meals.
  • High in antioxidants: A diet high in these compounds has been associated with a lower incidence of heart disease and cancer.

One big barrier that stops people from eating more veggies is preparation time.  We don’t usually just take a beet out of the fridge and munch on it like an apple!  One 2009 study found that preparation time was one of the reasons most cited by participants as to why they didn’t eat five servings of veggies per day (as recommended by the USDA).

If you learn how to handle a kitchen knife and a few chopping and slicing techniques, your preparation time will go much faster.  I can whip up an egg and vegetable wrap for breakfast in 15 minutes flat (and walk away with only some bleeding)!

You can learn knife skills online at

7/18/2012 03:18:15 am

Author's note: My husband has given me the feedback that he doesn't find the joke about the bleeding very funny. I don't actually cut myself, chopping vegetables quickly is safe when you know what you're doing!


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